Bayshore Biscuit Company

We are a biscuit company bringing the biscuit bar to Tampa, Fl. Growing up with grandmother’s that were always baking and cooking for the family, it was almost like Kathryn was destined to love being in the kitchen. She always was the first one to be at her grandmother Toosie’s side, eager to learn. The biscuit always stood out, it was simple, they could always whip up a batch at the drop of the hat. For over 20 years she has been working with this biscuit recipe and has perfected it along with the traditional southern accouterments. For many years she would throw parties and the biscuits were always a hit, her friends were always requesting them. So with that thought in mind and no simple southern breakfast/brunch place to even pick some Kathryn decided she wanted to bring her beloved biscuits to everyone. She wants Bayshore Biscuit Company to be known for our fantastic biscuit and always bring that southern charm to our customers. Everything is always handmade and from scratch. Sourcing from florida and/or locally when we can.

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